Well met!

The House of Sydney is a professional troupe of seasoned Renaissance performers that offer patrons, students, and festival promoters
performances in manners, etiquette, and weaponry of the period while involving them in the everyday activities of a noble house on progress in service of the Crown during the 1500s and 1600s.

Latest News

To my dearest and faithful of the House of Sydney,

A hearty and welcomed Huzzah to you and yours! Our 2011 season is well underway and we consider ourselves “On Progress!!” Our 2011 Season appears to be travelling at a quick step towards the blossoms of spring.

We are excited about visiting our friends at Parkview Middle School and St. Pius X. Over the years, we have shared many stories and heart-filled laughs together. Our “From Peasants to Princesses” presentation has proven that education through entertainment is enjoyable for both parties. Plus, a hearty Huzzah helps when finals are over!! How can a student remember “Huzzah” in eagerness of expression, but cannot remember why a+b=c? It looks like we may get to visit some new friends in the North Polk countries. We find ourselves excited at the anticipation of new friends.

Our friends at the Iowa Children’s Water Festival have selected us once again to speak on various water usages of the 1500 and 1600’s. Each year, we get the privilege to disgust the girls and impress the boys by the lack of personal hygiene during the Renaissance periods while educating them on what water was really used for during this period of time.

We have several other visitations lined up for 2011. When the ink has dried and the parchment laid flat upon my desk for review, we shall add those events to the list. Thus far, it looks like we will be traveling this season from the heartland of Kansas to Missouri, through Iowa, to South Dakota, and to Minnesota. We may even jump around to Ohio and Texas for kicks and giggles. What a wonderful progress this should be. Huzzah!!

I would like to thank all our fans, our friends, and our families for the support you have provided us in our endeavor to educate through entertainment. I would also like to thank each member of the House of Sydney for their unwavering devotion and dedication to the troupe and to the goals we set together as a second family.

With much love I pen this missive,